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                   Inform and inspire people to live better and better. This is the purpose that has moved us since 2016 and makes the eyes of every one who works in My Life shine

 We believe that we are happier when we live in balance. For us, having a balanced life is easier than you think and is in your hands . And we want to help them face the challenges of everyday life through good nutrition and mindfulness.

Since 2016, we are an online platform, committed to bring the best in products and services that stimulate a healthy and full life. More than anything, we want to empower Brazilians through information and choice!

For a life to grow with health, well-being and beauty care is needed. And when we speak of care, we refer not only to the prevention or treatment of diseases, but also to those small changes of habits capable of positively transforming people's daily lives.
These are some achievements of our passion for people:

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