how to looks prety for fat womans

       A dress in which you feel comfortable and that would enhance your curves
 Not always easy the choice of the right model in harmony with our silhouette and our style. Between cuts, materials and colors, not easy to navigate to bet on the good piece. Discover our tips to find the one you need, and also get rid of some misconceptions.

           All women want to be fashionable. The one who says he does not care what he looks like, is really lying. We all have, even in the background, a touch of vanity. What can happen sometimes, is that we do not look like the models of the catwalks or that the clothes do not fit like the mannequins of the department stores and this can have as a consequence a tendency or rejection towards fashion.

select the right color

Even if the black is slimming, give up the diktat of the total look. A black dress, yes but with the condition to associate flashy accessories that will attract the eye, like a red bag or iridescent shoes. Do not hesitate to abuse big ethnic jewelry or bulky accessories on which the look will arise.

Note that the white is back in force so there is no reason for the rounds to remain black. A white dress illuminates and softens the silhouette. If she is straight, unadorned and with knee length, she will be your best ally for the new season.

The printed dress also has all the good reasons to be in your dressing room, but do not forget that the big prints are more flattering on the roundness than the small reasons: drawings seventies or vertical lines are also part of the trends to adopt for the start of the school year.

who have a pretty neckline

   Choose a V-neck dress that will catch the eye on your strong point. The wrap dress is ideal for this type of morphology. In this case, it should not be too stretchy to not mark the body and bring out small unsightly bulges ... If you are tall, bet on a shorter dress (but never mini). From the 50s, the waited dress aims to sublimate all morphologies.

              If you had to compare yourself morphologically to a people, it could be Liv Tyler. Admit that there is worse!

If you have hips,
not too much belly and a generous breast, you are unlikely to go wrong. It is still preferred over women under 1.70 m. At the feet, we always opt for heels, just to lengthen the leg and thrust the silhouette.

There is nothing more magnifying than trying to hide one's form in a loose garment. Enhance your curves with a tight-fitting, but not too tight-fitting dress. Be careful of the choice of fabric that should not be too thin (such as unlined silk) and that might mark more defects.

Those who have a morphology in 8 with rounded shoulders, pronounced hips and a marked size can opt for dresses blouses, sweater dresses or tunics, provided to surround them to emphasize even more the size and avoid the effect bag . Result: an hourglass figure of the most "wow"!
For silhouettes in A, that is to say with a bust menu and wider hips and thighs, we prefer a trapeze dress, which follows the line of the body.
Finally, the dresses with "butterfly" sleeves, ideal to structure the silhouette and to draw harmoniously a flexible and fluid form, are made for all round nesses.

What to avoid
Some models are banned from his dressing room as too short dresses (length knee lengthens the leg), too tight dresses that may catch the eye on some defects that you would like to hide and overly complicated dresses that overload the silhouette.
Less is more is the motto of the new round attitude!